Why the average age of buyers at the age of 29?

Bai yansong, think city, young people buying their first homes at about age 27 to 29 years of age, and amazing foreign basic cannot do. Actually that statement is true, said was reasonable, but does not apply in China seemed to be why young Chinese scrambled to buy at a young age, become a House slave?
can say that it is an element of Chinese thinking, of course, but also the helpless situation of reality.
first, the House is the root, and people all want to belong
man is a social animal, APE age caves, ancient houses, and now to a room. Since ancient times the Chinese people have a strong rural complex in their hometowns. Drift like duckweed struggle people always want to have a home of their own, that sense of belonging. Home is a haven, at least when the victim can have a habitable place. So the House is not only meeting spiritual needs.
Second, people not only for their own lives
Chinese parents and children did not want to the relationship between Europe and the United States, children began as an adult, while China is much larger, parents have to pull together. In other words, the first is the emotional pull, parents when sent to a nursing home as a probable loss. But also the reality of the helpless, no House accounts, children have no place to go to school, parents are not receiving support around. So, in the Chinese way of thinking, is also required for the House is emotional support centre is located.
third, the love of parents, no houses how to marry?
Chinese parents rush, rush dating, urging marriage, chasing children. In order to achieve these, under the current mainstream values, considering under the implementation of the new law, no House of boys seem to have the girls would marry. The girls are going to get married, parents always want to give their daughter to buy suites as premarital property in case of affection after. Chinese buying too early is the reality but, as well as parents ' love!
all in all, don't try to buy a House when I was young, diverse views, even if they don't want to, maybe due to various reasons which would eventually buy a House. Buying a House to live well, not too soon to put chains is also good. Both hands and then there were a bunch of money buying entrepreneurship don't know how flowers local to you please feel free to let make friends like swollen!


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