Retirement at age 65 of generation, after the rush to buy a House?

Society Minister Yin Weimin said the two sessions that they hope to develop gradual retirement programmes, examining next year, the year after launch. Gradually raising the retirement age, would take effect only after at least five years after the launch. This means that after the us, after the $literal to catch up with delays retirement, 65 years old can receive a pension.
we count an account: If you work and live in Beijing, 10,000 yuan a month, payment of pension for 30 years in a row, making a total of 1.008 million Yuan, of which individual pay part is 288,000 yuan. Wait until you retire, receive pensions each month is divided into two parts: one is the individual pay divided by 168, 1714; another is 30% per cent of the average wage in society, because you pay for 30 years, is that the average 4672 x30%=1401.6 Yuan in Beijing. Combined for 3115.6 Yuan.
the reality so bitter do we need to hurry to buy a House?
first of all, buyers need to be under a lot of economic pressure.
prices in first-tier cities tens of millions, two or three cities had 600,000 head, for this generation of young people a month at between 5000 to 10000, then down to do? Parents help, loans and not to do? On top of the parent. Too early to buy a House, it is necessary to take economic pressure prematurely, once upon a mountain of mortgages in the us, stifled we might rub off some of the young spirit. Mortgage also will drag down the parents and the whole family.
Second, buying a House may be catching on.
young when he was young and fit, have a lot more vigor and dedication, entering the workplace is ground off the House spirit, breathe hard because of the debt. For example, monthly change, compared to venture more will choose to secure high paying jobs and reconsider when they change jobs, there is short for risk. While House, geography, work, young people may wish to experience life first and then consider settling.
in the end, is particularly important.
prices can drop! Yuan may be devalued! So, one has to work for more than 40 years, do we need to hurry to buy a House? Not well, at least when I was younger, there's less worry, Bai said, before 29 buy a House? That is a wonder. Should not be the case!
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