Ukraine issues, difficult and complicated talks

geopolitics, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko told media after the end of the three-party talks, the three-party talks to resolve Ukraine crisis best efforts, but given Ukraine the complexity of the issues, the parties failed to reach any agreement in writing. He said: "the participants around the Ukraine crisis, serious talks on a range of issues. It is regrettable that, the situation reversed, so that today could not ease the crisis go anywhere of principle and technical agreements as well as any steps to solve a single problem. "
after the end of the negotiations, Ukraine said the talks process is arduous and complicated on both sides, after the talks the two sides reached a mutual trust between the border guards of the two countries exchange of information on border control agreement. The ceasefire agreement is more important, boluoshenke said it had prepared the corresponding programme, but only if the warring parties first agreed to a ceasefire.


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